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Our Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

Agenda PPC

This body of parishioners will meet regularly to discern, discuss and plan the pastoral life of the parish with the parish priest.

It will operate from a constitution approved by the Bishop.

Its' term of office is concurrent with the appointment of Fr Jim Hayes as Parish Priest.

The meetings are always announced in the weekly bulletin and items for discussion may be suggested to Father.

They should normally be given in writing or email and signed and dated at least a week before the scheduled meeting.

We encourage all parishioners to participate.

The PPC discusses, reflects upon and discerns those areas that are common to us all.

Any personal or individual item should be brought to our parish priest privately.

Our next meetings are scheduled for: Thursday 29th August and Thursday 14th November 2019 from 7pm till 9pm in the Parish Hall.


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